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Dermal Fillers

At Equinox Cosmetic Clinic Perth, we understand the importance of not only looking your best, but also feeling your best. We use the approved dermal fillers in Australia and our highly experienced cosmetic nursing team will work with you to achieve natural and effective results.


Dermal Fillers are a Perfect Solution if You Want a Natural Looking Complexion

At Equinox Cosmetic Clinic Perth, we understand the importance of not only looking your best, but also feeling your best. We only use approved , premium dermal fillers and our highly experienced cosmetic nursing team will work with you to enhance your natural beauty, confidence and to help address your particular concerns or issues that may be preventing you from feeling like the best version of yourself without being obvious.


What are Dermal Fillers?


Dermal fillers used at Equinox are those made from a naturally occurring sugar , which is a molecule that is already present in the body. The primary function of Hyaluronic is to hydrate by absorbing water. As we age, levels reduce which cause a loss of hydration leading to lines and wrinkles. When used in dermal fillers, hyaluronic is a gel-like product that, once injected, attracts water to regenerate volume and recreate lost volume and combines with collagen and elastin to help provide skin structure and elasticity.

Some of the benefits of Dermal Fillers are:

  • Filling wrinkles, facial lines and creases giving you a youthful complexion
  • Lip rejuvenation for plumping up thin lips
  • Disguising scars and eliminating acne scars
  • Adding plumpness and volume to cheeks
  • Contouring your jaw line and other facial areas
  • Eliminating crow’s feet, under-eyes, lip and frown lines, ageing wrinkles, chin crease, and mouth frowns



Where Can Dermal Fillers be Used?

The most common areas that are prone to volume loss as we age are the cheeks, jawline, temples, lips, nasolabial folds and lower eyelids. Dermal fillers are not only used for volume loss they can also be used to enhance, balance or hydrate existing features.

After your initial consultation with one of our highly experienced nurse injectors, we will discuss the appropriate premium dermal filler and injection method  to achieve optimal results.


  • Lip Augmentation/Enhancement: Plump your pout, correct unevenness , reduce and smooth unsightly lines above the lips and rejuvenate and hydrate maturing lips using a fine needle or cannula
  • Cheeks: To give high definition cheek bones and structure to the cheeks to assist in softening nasolabial fold and lifting jowls using a fine needle or cannula
  • Chin: Define and contour your chin to improve the balance of facial features using a fine needle and cannula
  • Jawline/Jaw Lift: Give your face and jaw definition and shape and to lift using a fine needle and cannula.
  • Marionette Lines (droopy mouth corners): Fill the lines caused by natural ageing and subtly lift the corners of the mouth using a fine needle
  • Tear Trough (under eye hollowing): Improve the look of tired or hollow under eye area using a cannula
  • Nasolabial Folds (nose to mouth lines) Subtly reduce the unwanted appearance of this area using a cannula
  • Liquid face lift: Using a range of dermal fillers, generally six to eight ml, and a variety of techniques to lift and rejuvenate the whole of face with both cannula and fine needle.


What does treatment with dermal fillers involve?

Dermal filler treatments are classed as a non-surgical procedure, however, as you can imagine as with any injection, there may be some slight discomfort, which will differ from person to person.

Discomfort will also vary with the type of filler used and the area being treated. For particularly sensitive areas, local anaesthetic cream or ice will be applied to the skin prior to treatment. The dermal filler also contains local anaesthetic, which assists with any discomfort.

After your initial consultation and treatment plan, the procedure may take 20-45 minutes.


What are the side effects?

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks and the possibility of side effects; these can include injection site redness, pain, firmness, swelling, lumps or bumps, bruising, itching or discolouration. All side effects and risks will be discussed in detail with the Nurse during your consultation.


What is the down time and after care following dermal fillers?

Generally, you will be able to resume normal activities immediately after treatment; however, it is recommended that you do not have treatment  prior to important engagements in the event that you encounter any side effects. There are some specific restrictions immediately following treatment and aftercare is extremely important in preventing unwanted side effects of dermal fillers and to ensure optimal results.

It is recommended that clients avoid:

  • Exercise for at least 24-48 hours after treatment
  • Avoid exposure to the sun
  • Facials or saunas for at least 5 days after treatment
  • Facial massages, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatments should be avoided for a 2- week period.


Detailed after care will be provided following your treatment.


When will I see the results?

After you have had Dermal Fillers the effect will be seen immediately following treatment, however the full results will be most visible after 2-4 weeks. At Equinox we have a selection of high-quality products that we recommend to our patients that will assist in extending the longevity of your procedure.

If you are unsure of the best option we offer a complementary initial cosmetic consultation, please contact us to make a booking.

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